Kim's workshops and consulting


1. The Marshall Memo - Maximizing the impact of this weekly publication on teaching and learning - and the just-published best-of-Marshall-Memo book (1 hour)

2. Time management - How principals can use every minute for instructional leadership (3-4 hours)

3. Mini-observations - Short, frequent, unannounced classroom visits with face-to-face coaching afterward, then capturing overall performance in an end-of-year rubric (3-6 hours)

4. Student surveys - Using student questionnaires on their teachers' performance as coaching tools (1 hour)

5. Turbocharging assessments - Nine ways checking for understanding and tests can boost teaching and learning (3-4 hours)

6. Rethinking differentiation - A practical approach to a daunting challenge (3 hours)

7. Backwards curriculum unit planning - A one-day, hands-on workshop on Wiggins/McTighe Understanding by Design (6 hours)

8. Changing paradigms - Eight major mindshifts about intelligence, poverty, school leadership, teachers, tests, and accountabiliy (2-3 hours)

9. The Fred Jones approach to classroom management - A short introduction (3 hours)

10. Middle-school sex education - Thinking through the implementation of an effective program for grades 6-8 (1-2 hours)

All workshops are highly interactive with videos, role-plays, "clicker" questions, and small- and whole-group discussion:


Kim offers the following school-based services, in single visits or as part of a longer-term consultancy:

- Time management and instructional leadership for school leaders

- Effective use of on-the-spot and interim assessments

- Support with teacher supervision and evaluation, including co-observations and debriefs

- Rethinking district policies on supervision, evaluation, and assessment

- Whole-staff training on Understanding by Design curriculum unit design (in collaboration with Jay McTighe)

- A top-to-bottom analysis of a school's effectiveness, leading to specific action steps