Kim's workshops and consulting


These highly interactive workshops include videos, role-plays, poll questions, and small- and large-group discussions.

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1. Rocket PD - In eight interactive 90-minute monthly webinars (September 2024 to April 2025), Kim addresses the key steps for improving teacher supervision, coaching, and evaluation. For more information and to sign up, click here

2. Rethinking teacher supervision, coaching, and evaluation - A workshop (in-person or remote) on shifting from annual full-lesson evaluations to short, frequent, unannounced classroom visits with face-to-face coaching conversations and short write-ups after each one, then collaborating with each teacher to describe overall performance in an end-of-year rubric (3-6 hours)

3. Managing time for instructional leadership - Ten ways principals and other school-based leaders can use every minute to continuously improve teaching and learning (3-4 hours)

4. Making student learning central to the teacher evaluation process - Using standardized test scores and SLOs (student learning objectives) to evaluate teachers has been thoroughly discredited. Yet it's possible to focus on student learning every day: principals having low-stakes conversations about student learning after classroom visits, orchestrating robust PLC conversations about students' work, and encouraging teacher teams to document their value-add to student learning over the course of each year. (2 hours)

5. Leveraging classroom assessments - Nine ways to support teachers as they check for understanding and use other assessments of student work to significantly improve pedagogy and learning (3-4 hours)

6. Avoiding "PLC Lite" - How to support teacher teams in truly effective analysis of student work and follow-up. (2 hours)

7. Rethinking differentiation - A practical approach to mastering the daunting and poorly-understood challenge of meeting the learning needs of diverse groups of students. (90-120 minutes)

8. UbD backwards curriculum unit planning - An authorized one-day, hands-on workshop on Wiggins/McTighe Understanding by Design, with teacher teams working through key steps in designing a comprehensive curriculum unit (6 hours)

9. Supervising, coaching, and evaluating principals - Parallel to the above approach with teachers, superintendents (or their designees) set goals, make frequent school visits, coach on one "leverage point" at a time, gather data from other sources, and collaborate with the principal to describe performance in an end-of-year rubric (3-4 hours)

10. Getting the most out of the Marshall Memo - Strategies for sparking discussion and positive change by sharing ideas and resources from each week's Memo with individual colleagues, teams, and the whole faculty; also making good use of the Best of Memo website (1 hour)

11. Understanding recent mindshifts in K-12 education - Eight major changes in the way we think about intelligence, poverty, school leadership, teachers, tests, and accountabiliy (2-3 hours)

12. Implementing a middle-school sex education program - Thinking through the rollout of Marshall's curricluum for students in grades 6-8; this includes access to the full curriculum (2 hours)


Kim offers the following school-based services, remotely, in single visits, or as part of a longer-term consultancy:

- Time management and instructional leadership for school leaders

- Effective use of on-the-spot and interim assessments

- Support with teacher supervision, coaching, and evaluation with co-observations and debriefs

- Rethinking district policies on supervision, evaluation, and assessment

- Whole-staff training on Understanding by Design curriculum unit design (in collaboration with Jay McTighe)

- A top-to-bottom analysis of a school's effectiveness, leading to specific action steps