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Who reads the Marshall Memo? Principals, assistant principals, teachers, instructional coaches, superintendents, consultants, education professors, writers, and others. What do they think? Here are the results of a Survey Monkey questionnaire filled out by 2,517 readers in the summer of 2017:


Two professors at Miami University in Ohio, Joel Malin and Vijay Keshaorao Paralkar, published a detailed analysis and appreciation of the Marshall Memo ("Educational Knowledge Brokerage and Mobilization: The Marshall Memo Case" in International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership, 2017, Vol. 12, #7):


The same authors penned a shorter article on the Memo: "The Marshall Memo: Knowledge Movement in K-12 Education" (Rethinking Research for Schools, December 22, 2017):


Here is a selection of comments from Memo subscribers:

I have subscribed to the Marshall Memo for over a decade and find it to be the most helpful tool available for keeping me informed about important matters in education. I appreciate the fact that the list of publications it covers includes not only all the major educational journals but important journals from outside of education that provide helpful information from another perspective. The archive alone provides an encyclopedia of articles on research over the years that is invaluable for those interested in delving deeply into a topic. I am convinced that the Marshall Memo provides the best value in educational journalism, and I have encouraged all of my associates to subscribe. I urge you to do so as well.
Rick DuFour, author and consultant

The Marshall Memo is an information-packed distillation of the six or seven most important articles on school improvement culled by Kim's discerning eye from hundreds he reviews. He is brilliant at doing an accurate précis of dense material and delivering it in a highly readable package that arrives without fail every week.
     Jon Saphier, author and consultant, Research for Better Teaching, Massachusetts

In a world without time, there's no better way to be kept abreast of best practices and research than reading the informative and lively Marshall Memo. It's a must read.
     Meg Campbell, Head of School, Codman Academy Charter School, Boston

The Marshall Memo is an indispensable source for educational leaders, teachers, policymakers, and professional developers. The Memo saves time and money and, most importantly, provides a consistent stream of timely research and commentary on the most important educational issues of the day. Few people have time to read all of the research available in this field, but everyone has time to read the Marshall Memo.
     Doug Reeves, author and consultant

For busy educators who despair at keeping up, the Marshall Memo is indispensable. I'm hooked.
     Jerome Murphy, Professor Emeritus (and former Dean), Harvard Graduate School of Education

I cannot overstate my appreciation of the Marshall Memo. It is truly a gift to educators. Kim Marshall's compelling summaries of the best, most practical articles of the week are my favorite source of information about schools and improvement. I glean more valuable information from the Memo in a short time than anything I have ever come across. Marshall has an unparalleled talent for summarizing. Subscribe to it! You will never regret doing so.
     Mike Schmoker, author and consultant

I don't have the time or skill to do what Kim does so well. He prepares exceptionally clear, succinct, yet comprehensive summaries of the articles that are most relevant to the work I'm trying to accomplish here in Lowell. Principals and Central Office coordinators here tell me that it's equally valuable for them.
     Karla Baehr, former Massachusetts superintendent and state education official

Whether you're a busy educator or a less busy consultant like me, the Marshall Memo is a weekly gift. This thorough, thoughtful digest offers a quick and easy way to keep abreast of the important literature in our field without sifting through the periodicals yourself.
     Roland Barth, author, consultant, former principal, Harvard Principals' Center founder

With all that a principal has to read, the fact that I couldn't wait to read the Marshall Memo each week speaks volumes. The summaries are so well-written and comprehensive that you feel as though you have read the entire article. Kim selects just the right quotes and data to make it an interesting read, as well. Each week I found ideas I could use in my school, in my weekly parent letters, or in planning professional development. Perhaps most importantly, the Marshall Memo makes me feel connected to a larger, often invisible, community of educators, all of us often working alone. During the time I read, think and use the ideas in the Marshall Memo, I feel the strength of that community and get another surge of energy and commitment.
     Mairead Nolan, Principal, Trotter  Elementary School, Boston

Reading the Marshall Memo is like reading a national newspaper. Without the one you're not an informed educator, just as without the other you're not an informed citizen.
     George Hill, Boston Public Schools administrator

The Marshall Memo is unparalleled in providing digestible and relevant summaries of articles and theory applicable to the preparation and effective functioning of principal leaders. I am also a subscriber to ASCD's Daily NewsBrief and the PEN Weekly NewsBlast, which give me broad and national coverage of the educational scene, but do not provide the specific attention to classroom and school performance that the Marshall Memo provides.

     Gerald Leader, retired professor, Boston University School of Management

Ever since I started getting the Marshall Memo, I have felt much more in tune with the world around me. It has sparked several ideas for me and I have shared pieces with others at my school. Kim's memos are an amazing way to stay involved intellectually while being pulled by so many of the immediate demands of school leadership.
     Melissa Kim, Washington, D.C. school administrator

The Marshall Memo is an extraordinary resource for the busy educator. Kim is a superb writer. His memo is easy to read and I have enjoyed every issue. In addition, I have never felt so well read and up-to-date with the current literature. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend the Marshall Memo to you. Once you begin to receive his Monday e-mails, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.
     Mary Grassa O'Neill, Harvard Graduate School of Education

The Marshall Memo prompts the busy administrator to stop and re-focus on larger issues that can easily become hidden under the details of daily school functioning. It saves time by allowing me to better focus my additional reading. I have also found that having this knowledge readily available allows me to informally share information with staff that could lead to enhancing instruction.
     Sue Abrams, Principal, Foxborough Middle School, Massachusetts

I read the Marshall Memo faithfully. Having summaries of the most important educational articles relating to equity and excellence has been invaluable to me. Kim Marshall homes in on the most important aspects of leadership in choosing which articles to send us. I have used articles and quotes from the Marshall Memo with my teachers. The Marshall Memo has informed my practice as a leader for the past year. I make a hard copy of each memo for my "Leadership" binder. I highly recommend the Marshall Memo for any school leader.
     Susan Kilbane, Seattle school leader

I love the Memo! It provides a really valuable digest of research and information, which can then be stored on my laptop for handy reference whenever questions come up! I just use my search function, and it takes me to the relevant entries. Plus, Kim always gives the full reference, so that if you want to read the original, it is easy to go and find. I also really appreciate the web addresses that are often included. Some have been real gold mines! Thank you, Kim!
     Lynn Murray, a consultant working with principals and superintendents in Vermont

Reading the Marshall Memo this year has been incredibly helpful. Whenever one begins to wonder just what direction to take to make progress, I just sit back and scan the highlights of your summaries. I come away with a clear vision of what works and the confidence to pursue a strategy. Sharing these best practices is how we are going to raise student achievement and can inspire everyone involved - teachers, administrators and board members - to new levels of success for our schools.
     Gary Gut, retired entrepreneur, board member of several Boston-area schools

The Marshall Memo is a Reader's Digest for school administrators. The summaries are to the point. I often directly quote from the Marshall Memo in our weekly circular to remind our staff in continually novel ways that our single goal is to raise the achievement of students. I also like to share the research that the Marshall Memo outlines, which often justifies the best practices we are trying to implement in our school.
     Franklin Headley, New York City Principal

As a new principal, I found the Marshall Memo invaluable. The concise research summaries keep me well informed and the links allow me to delve deeper into areas where I know my school needs more work. The common-sense, jargon-free language is most welcome. I learn something new with every issue.

     Nick Marinacci, Senior Executive Director, Youth Justice Education and Treatment Programs, New York City