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Marshall Memo 807 - October 14, 2019

1. Taking full advantage of the freedom that ESSA provides
2. Preventing school shootings
3. Mindfulness in schools
4. The distance between adults and today’s young people
5. The power of classroom meetings
6. The effect of teachers’ race and experience on student achievement
7. Are all students really getting it?
8. Increasing student participation in class
9. A study of states’ teacher-evaluation policies
10. Young adult books featuring mental health issues
11. Online curriculum resources

Marshall Memo 806 - October 7, 2019

1. Teaching doesn’t get easier, but you get better at it
2. Working toward a safe classroom space
3. An argument for untimed tests
4. An uphill battle implementing grading reform in high schools
5. The impact of detracking on International Baccalaureate achievement
6. New principles for world language instruction
7. What makes a book talk effective?
8. Young adult novels on immigration, gender identity, and adolescence
9. Online lessons on combatting bias and prejudice
10a. Free math materials
10b. A dramatic video on the Oxford comma debate
10c. A cartoon history of world temperature
10d. Tools for promoting emotional intelligence

Marshall Memo 805 - September 30, 2019

1. The art and science of effective teaching
2. Two history teachers try to counter students’ “rags to riches” beliefs
3. Where did the idea of teaching to students’ learning styles originate?
4. What text level is best for struggling readers in small groups?
5. Bite-sized lessons in social-emotional learning
6. Meeting management 101
7. Which college majors earn the most over time?
8. Children’s books about non-traditional families

Marshall Memo 804 - September 23, 2019

1. A white teacher deals with an accusation of racism from his students
2. A teacher keeps up with his students’ lingo
3. Unexpected insights from “underperforming” students
4. What makes a teaching assignment challenging?
5. The wrong and right way to teach mechanics and usage
6. Advice jujitsu
7. Maximizing the impact of those who supervise and evaluate principals
8. Being selective with online material
9. Books to broaden the canon
10a. Virtual classroom visits
10b. Online discussions on the Constitution
10c. More debunking of “summer slide”

Marshall Memo 803 - September 16, 2019

1. How “nice” can preschool children be expected to be?
2. Making mathematics tactile and visual
3. Tackling unconscious bias in schools
4. Getting new teachers off to a strong start
5. Is faster smarter?
6. The gentrification of a New York City school
7. Banned books week is coming up
8. Middle- and high-school books about people with disabilities
9. An updated media bias chart for social studies and civics classes
10. National polling data on K-12 schools

Marshall Memo 802 - September 9, 2019

1. Why the lecture method endures, despite the evidence
2. Is student writing really worse than it was in the past?
3. Jennifer Gonzalez on improving classroom slide presentations
4. Helping new teachers avoid some common traps
5. Who decides the what and how to of curriculum?
6. New insights on summer learning loss
7. Technology links for teachers and school librarians
8. A librarian changes his attitude about lost books
9. Is Dewey the best way to organize a school library?
10. Books about female athletes
11a. New state school rankings
11b. Cognitive science made accessible
11c. Open-source science materials
11d. The critical role of background knowledge

Marshall Memo 801 - September 2, 2019

1. How to get off to a strong start with students, part 2
2. A veteran teacher shares some key insights
3. Advice for teachers just getting started
4. Pushing back on ten myths about the brain and behavior
5. Can you turn off all technology for a full day every week?
6. Troubling findings on the post-#MeToo workplace
7. What makes a worthwhile meeting
8. Online student surveys

Marshall Memo 800 - August 26, 2019

1. How to get off to a strong start with students, part 1
2. Welcoming students with special needs in general-ed classrooms
3. Who gets the most qualified and experienced teachers?
4. How should elementary students be taught about historical violence?
5. Why have students keep a hard-copy journal?
6. Capturing our own – and our students’ – creative inspirations
7. Pointers on writing an effective CV
8. How to tell leaders what they don’t want to hear
9. Mastery by working smart
10. A different spin on the time-honored back-to-school question
11. More resources for the 1619 Project

Marshall Memo 799 - August 19, 2019

1. Instilling a growth mindset in ninth graders
2. Giving students effective feedback without burning out
3. Helping students use online resources without plagiarizing
4. Jennifer Gonzalez on what to do when an audience doesn’t respond
5. A study of “flipped” instruction at West Point
6. Survival tips for teachers who “float”
7. The core beliefs of highly effective teachers
8. What’s on the stage in high schools?
9. The 1619 Project

Marshall Memo 798 - August 12, 2019

1. Third graders learn about fractions and social justice
2. Are students getting better at spotting online hoaxes?
3. Jennifer Gonzalez on dealing with late and missing student work
4. Getting to know middle-school students, part 2
5. Keys to effective writing instruction
6. Children's books to accompany forthcoming movies
7. Making school libraries work for teenagers
8. Free online racial equity curriculum

Marshall Memo 797 - August 25, 2019

1. David Brooks on rebuilding our “moral infrastructure”
2. Teachers’ views on school discipline reform
3. College professors rethink conventional grading
4. Energizing students from Day One
5. Stories people tell themselves when they don’t hear from the boss
6. Driving as a metaphor for reading
7. Six roles for direct instruction in project-based learning
8. Improving students’ ability to argue from scientific evidence
9. Is increased academic focus in kindergarten bad for children?
10a. Finding quality curriculum materials
10b. A video on the origins of GPS

Marshall Memo 796 - July 29, 2019

1. Introducing “friction” into digital communication
2. Thoughts on giving feedback
3. Background knowledge as the key to reading proficiency
4. Elevating the quality of discourse in high-school classrooms
5. Increasing the amount of “mental sweat” in group projects
6. What would be “moonshot” goals for U.S. schools?
7. Can speech-recognition apps improve struggle students’ writing?
8. Recommended books of poetry for children

Marshall Memo 795 - July 15, 2019

1. Daniel Willingham on teaching critical thinking
2. Norms for meetings
3. Fixing unproductive meetings in schools
4. Leading high-quality class discussions, Part 2
5. Historical simulations gone wrong
6. Online psychological inventories for school teams

Marshall Memo 794 - July 8, 2019

1. Relational trust in schools – an “oldie but goodie” article
2. Surprising findings on student attendance awards
3. A California principal joins the call for grading reform
4. Leading high-quality class discussions (Part 1)
5. Finding the best free online open educational resources
6. History website

Marshall Memo 793 - July 1, 2019

1. Rethinking social and emotional learning
2. Leading in a time of loss
3. Dealing with five challenges of being a working parent
4. The daily effects of "white privilege"
5. Successful classes for English language learners
6. A downside of growth mindset for some students
7. Doing something about summer learning loss
8. Getting more students writing research papers
9. A video on child labor in the U.S.

Marshall Memo 792 - June 24, 2019

1. Distinguishing theory, empirical generalization, and assumptions
2. Improving the teaching of writing in K-12 schools
3. Hearing all students' views in discussions of hot topics
4. Leading transformational change in schools
5. What instructional leadership looks like
6. Shifting from infrequent "feedback" to in-the-moment coaching
7. Cutting teens some slack
8. Taking full advantage of ELLs' language knowledge and skills
9. Who gets extra time for high-stakes tests?
10. A physics curriculum for all learners

Marshall Memo 791 - June 17, 2019

1. Mary Kennedy on the dubious impact of professional development
2. What should teachers do when confronted with science denial?
3. An unconventional way to make meetings more productive
4. A different approach to teaching grammar and conventions
5. Parents' views on discipline policies in three schools
6. Suggestions for setting up a makerspace
7. Recommended graphic novels with LGBTQIA+ content
8. Award-winning books on ethnic minorities and race relations
9a. World wealth over time
9b. School leadership in China

Marshall Memo 790 - June 10, 2019

1. A school reform agenda
2. Google's updated list of managerial desiderata
3. How lower-track students are taught differently
4. The experience of Latina/o students in AP and honors classes
5. Should students' smartphones be sequestered during the school day?
6. Advice for districts considering later high-school start times
7. The art of the one-pager
8. Four ways for educators to recharge over the summer
9. Teaching the equal sign correctly to second graders
10. An app for dealing with microaggressions

Marshall Memo 789 - June 3, 2019

1. Daniel Pink on schools getting more bang for the buck
2. Four ways to build student motivation and self-sufficiency
3. Jennifer Gonzalez takes a critical look at "creative" classroom work
4. How to deal with a few students dominating class discussions
5. Important teacher roles supporting online courses
6. Teachers keeping their questions focused on the learning target
7. Teens' bedtime romance with digital devices
8. Looking for the reasons underlying student behavior
9a. Books about and by Native Americans
9b. An online mindset tool

Marshall Memo 788 - May 27, 2019

1. Keeping social-emotional learning initiatives on track
2. A young girl pushes back on "you guys"
3. A report on Boston's teacher-evaluation process
4. Is off-task student talk always a waste of time?
5. Upper-elementary students engage in robust discussions of issues
6. Adult bullies in schools
7. Adding equity as a focus for dual-language programs
8. A continuum of cultural competence
9. Thoughts on being a candidate for a job in one's own school
10. International Literacy Association book choices

Marshall Memo 787 - May 20, 2019

1. Pushing back on eight outmoded beliefs
2. Breaking free of the five-paragraph essay
3. Dealing with classroom insensitivity by "calling students in"
4. Key considerations in staff discussions about race
5. Seven learning-to-learn skills for adolescents
6. Carol Ann Tomlinson on what teenagers need in school
7. Using ?group contingencies' in elementary classrooms
8. Paul Bambrick-Santoyo on data-driven instruction going off the rails
9. A West Virginia middle school maximizes engagement
10. How young children develop agency, literacy, and numeracy
11. A video of a lesson that went wrong

Marshall Memo 786 - May 13, 2019

1. Possible downsides of five education innovations
2. What schools can do to reduce student stress
3. Helping high-school students see the relevance of mathematics
4. The Goldilocks level of support when readers get stuck
5. Successful scaffolding in secondary-school classes
6. The evolving role of the school librarian
7. Getting sight words to stick in students' minds
8. Teaching "physical literacy"
9. How to deal with suggestions that don?t make sense
10. What a good rubric should contain
11. Summer reading
12. Young adult books about Muslims around the world

Marshall Memo 785 - May 6, 2019

1. There aren"t enough teachers of color; what is to be done"
2. Fair and unfair grading practices
3. How to make learning stick
4. Drawing as a learning tool
5. Teaching students the skills of reading and writing online
6. Using multiple assessments to improve teaching and learning
7. Robert Slavin on what works in writing instruction
8. Literacy coaches working with teachers and students
9. The problem with saying we "like" and "love" students' work
10. Advice on the college rat race
11. More children's books about women leaders

Marshall Memo 784 - April 29, 2019

1. The trajectory of talent development
2. The best ways to grow teachers' professional self-efficacy
3. A level playing field for African-American girls
4. A discussion protocol to promote civic discourse
5. How to get college students to do their reading
6. Making mathematics fun, efficient, and memorable
8. Yogi Berra guides a study of standards implementation
8. Yogi Berra guides a study of standards implementation
9. Children's books about women leaders
10a. Texting to smooth the path to college
10b. The biases of media sources

Marshall Memo 783 - April 22, 2019

1. Robert Slavin on benchmark assessments
2. If adults don"t talk with children about race"
3. Beverly Daniel Tatum on racial isolation and schools
4. An analysis of children's books about slavery for grades 1-6
5. A Florida teacher transforms her remedial reading classes
6. Pushing back on myths about creative classroom projects
7. Managing attention versus managing time
8. David Brooks on the reasons for our society's malaise
9. Washington, Shakespeare, Marilyn Monroe, Lincoln, Napoleon, and Gandhi with modern haircuts

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