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Marshall Memo 989 - June 5, 2023

1. Ten leadership lessons from Ted Lasso
2. How exceptionally effective teachers think about their work
3. Mike Schmoker on leading civil, text-based classroom discussions
4. Daniel Willingham on strategies for getting the most out of textbooks
5. A survey of 22,000 students in independent high schools
6. Getting the most from online instruction when it’s necessary
7. Using ChatGPT to tailor math lessons to students’ interests
8. Children’s books about dealing with challenges
9. Mapping life expectancy

Marshall Memo 988 - May 29, 2023

1. The wisdom of Tina Turner
2. Ten keys to good early literacy instruction
3. Time-honored but suboptimal ways to check for understanding
4. Four questions to ask in history and civics classes
5. These kids speak English now, so what’s the problem?
6. Adjusting to the brave new world of ChatGPT
7. Can department heads be more than bureaucrats?
8. A study of the impact of gifted classmates in Switzerland
9. Recommended children’s books about trading places
10. Using children’s books to teach about large numbers

Marshall Memo 987 - May 22, 2023

1. Masculinity and academic engagement among young men of color
2. Advice on adolescent sleep deprivation
3. SLOs and teacher evaluation: how policymakers led educators astray
4. The “Six Thinking Hats” problem-solving strategy
5. Why do people hesitate to give helpful feedback?
6. Apologizing right
7. Teaching SEL skills in Socratic seminars
8. Leave one, add one: an end-of-year retrieval activity
9. Jewish-themed children’s books
10. Books to read with the film, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Marshall Memo 986 - May 15, 2023

1. Instructional coherence – and what works against it
2. Can in-school suspensions be over-used?
3. Dealing with three unhelpful narratives about trauma
4. Why learning phonics is so complex and challenging in English
5. What decisions should the central office leave to schools?
6. Emotional intelligence with e-mail
7. Poetry books for children

Marshall Memo 985 - May 8, 2023

1. The wisdom of Harry Belafonte
2. Intervention coaches who help prevent dropouts
3. Effective early literacy instruction for African-American students
4. The strong relationship between content knowledge and reading
5. Which is a better way to learn to write, handwriting or digital?
6. The K-4 learning trajectories of students with disabilities
7. Making math, physics, and chemistry vivid for high-school students
8. Getting into problem-solving mode before problems occur
9. Captivating science books for children
10. Curriculum resources from Arab cultures

Marshall Memo 984 - May 1, 2023

1. Surprising ways to engage students and improve learning
2. Students generate intentional math mistakes and then fix them
3. What it takes to successfully implement reform mathematics
4. Different approaches to admission criteria for selective high schools
5. A study of high-school principals handling student protests
6. Five ways to have lively debates and still arrive at consensus
7. Maximizing student reading in the remaining weeks of the school year
8. What makes a good conversation – and what doesn’t
9. Award-winning children’s nonfiction and poetry
10. What’s happening at different altitudes

Marshall Memo 983 - April 24, 2023

1. Adam Grant on not letting e-mail stress us out
2. What trauma-informed teaching looks like
3. Does Holocaust education counteract antisemitism?
4. Getting students to take the lead in class discussions
5. High-school students use metaphors to think about mathematics
6. Understanding, appreciating, and supporting low-wage workers
7. Award-winning children’s novels
8. A scale model of our solar system

Marshall Memo 982 - April 17, 2023

1. Building middle schoolers’ interpersonal skills
2. How can we get more boys interested in the HEAL professions?
3. Making sure math skills hold their own in STEM projects
4. Getting students thinking more deeply about technologies
5. The impact of a knowledge-focused K-8 curriculum
6. A quest-based approach to teaching library skills – and more
7. Award-winning children’s picture books
8a. A speeded-up trip through the Panama Canal
8b. Suez Canal history

Marshall Memo 981 - April 10, 2023

1. Making relationship-building, asset-focused home visits
2. Information literacy: what sources can teachers and students trust?
3. Helping students engage in civil discourse
4. Research insights on teaching critical thinking
5. Teachers’ ideas for improving classroom discussions
6. Getting students to write at a deeper level
7. A high-school student speaks up for young adult literature
8. More applications for ChatGPT and other large language models
9. Children’s books that bring humor to a serious time

Marshall Memo 980 - April 3, 2023

1. Teaching critical thinking so it sticks
2. Teachers don’t always have to be the smartest person in the room
3. What produces powerful, enduring learning?
4. Strategic data check-ins to keep students on track for graduation
5. An online tool that lets students create customized college rankings
6. Phonics first?
7. A quiz on how talkative you are
8. Recommended books on African-American joy
9. “Read-alikes” for the TV show The Crossover

Marshall Memo 979 - March 27, 2023

1. The impact of homogeneous grouping on achievement and equity
2. Improving students’ real-time comprehension strategies
3. Using the closing minutes of class to consolidate learning
4. Pointers on coaching a school leader
5. Ideas for an effective staff newsletter
6. Making the best use of classroom volunteers
7. Pushing back on the language police
8. Books about friendships for young adolescents

Marshall Memo 978 - March 20, 2023

1. Test prep – what works and what doesn’t
2. Effort and attention to detail as powerful drivers of achievement
3. An online course for teens on happiness
4. Perfectionism versus “excellencism”
5. Using ChatGPT to teach better
6. The value of a content-specific teacher evaluation
7. Why school arts programs are a must
8. Shifting public attitudes on career and technical education (CTE)
9. Recommended children’s books written in verse
10. A graphic narrative on how memory works

Marshall Memo 977 - March 13, 2023

1. The future looks better for girls – but not for many boys
2. “Equity formulas” to level the school budget playing field
3. What does it take for a superintendent to earn principals’ trust?
4. Can constraints make us more creative?
5. Useful feedback on student work
6. Getting the most out of frequent check-in meetings
7. Room for improvement in elementary social studies
8. Children’s books that support the teaching of black history

Marshall Memo 976 - March 6, 2023

1. A strikingly different way of teaching math (and other subjects)
2. Spelling instruction that sticks
3. Three ways to accelerate school improvement
4. Experiential education 2.0
5. Fine-tuning “flipped instruction”
6. Should teachers be evaluated by their peers?
7. “Stay interviews” – a proactive strategy on teacher attrition
8. Weekends that are energizing because they’re different
9. Ten reasons for strong social studies instruction
10. Children’s books that affirm diverse cultures and languages
11. A graphic on technology through the ages

Marshall Memo 975 - February 27, 2023

1. Standing up for first-rate social studies teaching
2. A seven-step framework for analyzing original historical documents
3. Talking about consent with middle-school students
4. How many misconceptions do you have about creativity?
5. Key steps to being an effective principal
6. Building math problem-solving skills that last
7. Using ChatGPT to generate multiple examples
8. Children’s books with a positive message about divorce
9. A fun word-finding game with students’ favorite words
10a. A world map of earthquakes
10b. Tectonic movements through the eons

Marshall Memo 974 - February 20, 2023

1. Calculus and equity in college admissions
2. Steven Pinker weighs in on ChatGPT
3. Daniel Willingham on research-based study habits
4. Principles for effective mathematics instruction in Japan
5. Dealing with mediocre and poor grades in college
6. Career and technical education: progress and impact
7. A baker’s dozen of reasons for strong science instruction
8. Handling student crushes in elementary school
9. Recommended comic books with African-American heroes

Marshall Memo 973 - February 13, 2023

1. David Brooks on the human skills we need in the age of bots
2. School librarians suss out ChatGPT
3. A problem-solving classroom approach to contentious issues
4. A teacher-led, soup-to-nuts ELA curriculum revision
5. Was Gatsby black?
6. Working with educators who are resistant to change
7. Wait time: a refresher
8. Illustrated books on African-American songs
9. Can you add to these mixed metaphors?

Marshall Memo 972 - February 6, 2023

1. Mike Schmoker on what to teach and when
2. Curriculum as narrative (versus coverage)
3. Quality control for online materials
4. More analysis, collaboration, and engagement in small-group discussions
5. Using YA novels to discuss harassment and unwanted touching
6. Individualizing plans for English learners
7. A media literacy website

Marshall Memo 971 - January 30, 2023

1. Deliberate practice and beliefs about intelligence
2. Fostering productive mindsets in mathematics classes
3. A hands-on math problem for third graders
4. Keeping low-tech educational goals in mind
5. Chat GPT, writing, and thinking
6. A daily huddle for a school leadership team
7. Jennifer Gonzalez and the Street Data Project

Marshall Memo 970 - January 23, 2023

1. Health and psychological benefits of controlled breathing exercises
2. The best ways to support an upset person
3. Choosing an inclusive social emotional learning (SEL) program
4. A strategy to improve note-taking skills in high school
5. A classroom desk arrangement that maximizes learning
6. The benefits of reading your writing out loud
7. In praise of memorization
8. How do earlier school start times affect elementary students?
9. Picture books to support suicide prevention in elementary grades
10a. A writer’s guide to using ChatGPT
10b. A gloomy take on the new bot

Marshall Memo 969 - January 16, 2023

1. Temple Grandin on the role of neurodivergent people (like her)
2. Dealing with workplace incivility
3. Further insights on growth mindset interventions
4. Instructional coaching in a fishbowl
5. Should high-school students vet online political ads?
6. Three reasons not to try banning ChatGPT
7. Jennifer Gonzalez and her team pick their favorite tech apps

Marshall Memo 968 - January 9, 2023

1. Ezra Klein on Twitter, Quaker meetings, and Wikipedia
2. What’s behind the dramatic decline in teen births?
3. A doctor who prescribes books to young adolescents
4. Getting the most from educators’ home visits
5. Daniel Willingham updates the research on growth mindset
6. Getting students doing their own thinking in math classes
7. Advice on giving advice to teens about drugs
8. Books to complement the new Pinocchio movie
9a. Can you guess if this was written by ChatGPT?
9b. The Memo story
9c. A matrix for assessing assessments
9d. Interesting factoids from 2022

Marshall Memo 967 - January 2, 2023

1. Teacher professional learning focused on solving classroom problems
2. Jennifer Gonzalez and Elena Aguilar on psychological safety in PD
3. More on inaccurate press coverage of the “science of reading”
4. Rubrics for assessing rigor and equity in math classes
5. Addressing under-the-surface biases in math instruction
6. Should students wrestle with concepts before direct instruction?
7. Four possible leadership stances – and when to use them
8. A video commentary on ChatGPT

Marshall Memo 966 - December 19,2022

1. Is ChatGPT a threat to schools?
2. Artificial intelligence and Plato
3. Disrupting rituals in a Massachusetts high school
4. Fourth graders’ curiosity sparks a deeper science curriculum
5. More on journalists’ coverage of the “science of reading” debate
6. Coaches’ questions to teachers showing curiosity and caring
7. Ten key education studies from this year
8. Recommended children’s nonfiction books
9. Positive news stories from 2022

Marshall Memo 965 - December 12, 2022

1. Mentors speaking truth to their colleagues
2. How families’ economic status affects equity in schools
3. Homework as a gap-widener
4. Can a machine accurately score students’ writing?
5. Can support and accountability coexist in teacher evaluation
6. A study of co-taught classrooms in Massachusetts
7. Knowledge, leadership, and mentoring in a New Jersey classroom
8. Award-winning children’s fiction

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