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Marshall Memo 1014 - December 4, 2023

1. Psychological traps that produce bad decisions
2. Cautionary notes on online and whole-class mental health programs
3. What can we see in a 30-second classroom video?
4. Timothy Shanahan on the problem with main-idea instruction
5. Effective note-taking strategies
6. Using poems about social justice to encourage student empathy
7. Prompting AI chatbots for SEL lesson ideas
8. Recommended children’s books on ADHD

Marshall Memo 1013 - November 27, 2023

1. School librarians’ role in an effective schoolwide reading program
2. The impact of mentoring relationships in schools
3. Which student questions should teachers not answer?
4. Engaging math thinking tasks with a low floor and a high ceiling
5. What really matters in college?
6. What is the best way to memorize times tables?
7. AI chatbots – what could go wrong?
8. Recommended books that feature unreliable narrators

Marshall Memo 1012 - November 20, 2023

1. Can gifted classes be a force for equity and inclusion?
2. Handling students’ post-pandemic mental health issues
3. A math coach improves instruction in four middle schools
4. Discussion-worthy tasks for upper-elementary math groups
5. In elementary schools, to departmentalize or not to departmentalize?
6. Can AI help students understand and appreciate Shakespeare?
7. Graphic novels on human psychology

Marshall Memo 1011 - November 13, 2023

1. What it takes for all children to read well
2. Group work that is challenging, empowering, engaging, and equitable
3. Helping elementary students understand mathematical equivalence
4. Back to basics with math facts?
5. Data on teachers sending students to the office
6. Helping students deal with negative self-talk
7. Should we ban cellphones during the school day?
8. Jim Knight on learning to be humble
9. How to improve a ChatGPT prompt
10. Recommended books about the Native American experience

Marshall Memo 1010 - November 6, 2023

1. How much homework help should a parent provide?
2. Surprising results when teens read spicy young adult novels
3. Broadening our understanding of childhood trauma
4. Restorative practices 2.0
5. Programs that reduce unnecessary special education placements
6. Putting artificial intelligence tools to work in classrooms
7. Stories and poems about joy

Marshall Memo 1009 - October 30, 2023

1. Jennifer Gonzalez on pausing helpful suggestions and just appreciating
2. A surprising surge of creativity during unexpected interruptions
3. Cynicism, intelligence, and competence: are they linked?
4. Literacy as a springboard for student empowerment
5. Leading change with a compelling story
6. Crafting a strong statement of purpose
7. Teaching skimming and close reading
8. Children’s books on excellence in the African diaspora
9. Helping students master spelling demons

Marshall Memo 1008 - October 23, 2023

1. David Brooks on building social skills in ourselves and others
2. Adam Grant on looping
3. High-stakes testing, principals, and parent involvement in Chicago
4. Should an instructional coach intervene in the classroom?
5. A study of San Francisco’s decision to defer Algebra I until ninth grade
6. Recommended spooky graphic novels for tweens

Marshall Memo 1007 - October 16, 2023

1. What are U.S. Department of Defense schools doing right?
2. Four freedoms that allow everyone to flourish at work
3. Are trigger warnings effective?
4. Middle-school students discuss hot topics
5. Should homework be individualized?
6. Debunking myths about creativity and the brain
7. Helpful school factors for LGBTQ youth
8. Manga books on witches

Marshall Memo 1006 - October 9, 2023

1. Classroom rigor and artificial intelligence
2. A student-by-student approach to improving literacy achievement
3. Diversity in black teachers’ approach to multicultural education
4. Ethical dilemmas as teachers manage their classrooms
5. Planting seeds of student leadership
6. Information on the solar eclipse this Saturday

Marshall Memo 1005 - October 2, 2023

1. “Moral disengagement” among educators – causes and solutions
2. Four ways schools can reach aspirational goals
3. Assistant principals, discipline referrals, and racial disparities
4. How to get the most out of student group work
5. Instructional coaches “invite themselves” into classrooms
6. The track record of merit pay in Dallas
7. Project-based learning units online

Marshall Memo 1004 - September 25, 2023

1. Five key drivers of equity in schools
2. Tweaking students’ mindsets about the purpose of college
3. Is this the end of the take-home essay?
4. An Australian PD program that built teachers’ collective efficacy
5. Adam Grant on test-taking time pressure
6. Helping first graders distinguish between equity and fairness
7. “Math traps” from which many students don’t escape
8. Picture books on South Asian culture in the U.S.

Marshall Memo 1003 - September 18, 2023

1. Lesson plans, unit plans, and curriculum transparency
2. Timothy Shanahan on teaching reading and writing together
3. Workplace writing that will actually be read
4. To go to college – or not
5. Troubling insights from U.K. youth on explicit online content
6. Supporting the development of students’ self-efficacy
7. How should teachers use #BookTok?
8. Children’s graphic novels in which animals walk, talk, and advise

Marshall Memo 1002 - September 11, 2023

1. Timothy Shanahan on principals’ role in literacy improvement
2. Restraining the remediation impulse and asking more of students
3. What’s going on in a Harkness classroom discussion?
4. Small steps to large goals
5. Giving and getting candid feedback in a diverse workplace
6. Is over-managing kids driving them crazy?
7. Books for students who have seen the movie Oppenheimer

Marshall Memo 1001 - September 2023

1. The teacher of the year who almost didn’t make it
2. Ideas for lesson “bookends”
3. Beginning the first full school year with A.I. bots
4. How to keep kids honest now that they can use ChatGPT
5. Analyzing fourth-grade teachers’ feedback to their students
6. Jim Knight on why “coachsplaining” doesn’t work
7. How to deal with FOPO (fear of other people’s opinions)
8. What makes someone a productive team member
9. Some positive trends for U.S. youth
10. The PDK poll on public attitudes toward schools

Marshall Memo 1000 - August 28, 2023

1. David Brooks on moral education 2.0
2. “First aid” for mental distress in the workplace
3. Insights on handling anxious and withdrawn elementary students
4. Math concepts or procedures: which should be taught first?
5. Which New York City teachers stay and which leave?
6. How Tier 2 interventions Can Widen Achievement Gaps
7. Attrition of public school students during and after the pandemic
8. Take a break between meetings!
9. Recommended children’s books about clean-up
10a. A retrieval practice video
10b. American twins in a Chinese school
10c. The shifting career focus

Marshall Memo 999 - August 21, 2023

1. The reciprocal nature of good student-teacher relationships
2. Fostering a positive mathematics identity in students
3. Building resilience in a trauma-sensitive culture
4. College application essays shift their focus
5. Trade-offs in elementary and secondary school start times
6. Are excused and unexcused student absences equally informative?
7. Will ChatGPT make it unnecessary to teach coding?
8. The predictive validity of a commercial teacher screening tool

Marshall Memo 998 - August 14, 2023

1. Getting the year off to a good start for new students
2. Helping young students get better at text-based peer conversations
3. Are school book fairs a “necessary evil”?
4. Thoughtful secondary-school scheduling
5. Hidden expectations in college application essays
6. Adam Grant on women taming their language in the workplace
7. Can a math software program help below-level students catch up?
8. Fun math activities
9. Teaching Books website

Marshall Memo 997 - July 31, 2023

1. Four waves of the “reading wars”
2. Phonics first?
3. Concerns about “three-cueiing”
4. Can’t we all just get along?
5. Ten keys to effective primary-grade teaching
6. It’s not either/or, it’s both/and
7. The link between content knowledge and reading
8. Scarborough’s rope
9. Principles for teaching phonics
10. Why phonics is more challenging in English than Italian
11. Effective early-literacy instruction for African-American students
12. The reading brain
13. Differentiating through four stages of students’ reading development
14. Toward on integrated approach
15. Finding common ground

Marshall Memo 996 - July 24, 2023

1. Hitting the ground running in a leadership position
2. What should your ideal graduate know and be able to do?
3. Psychological safety 101
4. College admissions essays in a “colorblind” world
5. A novel approach to the college selection process
6. Putting the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision in perspective
7. Broadening the literary canon on the Jewish experience
8. Counter-stereotypical books about African-American kids

Marshall Memo 995 - July 17, 2023

1. To quit or not to quit, that is the question
2. Helping students, but not too much
3. Teach me to fish: teacher feedback that empowers students
4. Timothy Shanahan on building students’ reading stamina
5. A novel approach to grading and responding to students’ writing
6. High schools’ impact on students’ short- and long-term outcomes
7. Award-winning children’s books on social justice
8. Award-winning children’s books on women in history

Marshall Memo 994 - July 10, 2023

1. Overcoming our resistance to asking for help
2. How is correcting math mistakes like make a good apology?
3. What happens when a teacher starts every class with a poem?
4. Timothy Shanahan on prosody
5. The evolution of culturally responsive teaching
6. Going deeper with ChatGPT
7. Skillfully framing questions when using large language models
8. Picture books: an unconventional resource for high-school history classes

Marshall Memo 993 - July 3, 2023

1. Advice for new leaders
2. Intellectual humility as an antidote to the “certainty trap”
3. New York City teachers’ everyday perceptions of social class
4. Real-time instructional coaching: can it work?
5. Effectively handling children’s errors in early childhood classes
6. Picture books for reading aloud in math classes
7. The most popular high-school plays and musicals for 2022-23
8a. Frederick Douglass’s July 4th speech
8b. Movie clips for classroom use

Marshall Memo 992 - June 26, 2023

1. The controversies swirling around reading in the U.S.
2. The non-thinking math classroom – and how it can change
3. What is the best way for students to spend class time? It depends
4. A call to rethink New York City’s teacher-evaluation process
5. The effect of the four-day week on Oklahoma high schools
6. Marilyn Burns on a well-framed fractions problem
7. Recommended superhero graphic novels and trade books
8. Online resources on women’s suffrage

Marshall Memo 991 - June 19, 2023

1. How to make recess a positive experience for everyone
2. What research says about play in early-childhood classrooms
3. Texas teachers grapple with preparing students for high-stakes tests
4. Jason Reynolds on stories, creativity, and book bans
5. Books that middle-school students love to read
6a. Refreshing the literary canon
6b. Explaining retrieval practice
6c. Dealing with workplace gossip

Marshall Memo 990 - June 12, 2023

1. Vetting a school leader while playing a round of golf
2. Middle-school students plan a full-day field trip in New York City
3. Building psychological safety in classrooms
4. Reducing tension between teachers and administrators
5. Coaching teachers through collaborative exploration of data
6. Two approaches to making education rigorous again
7. Retrieval practice in a high-school biology class
8. Insights on artificial intelligence
9. Including essential Latino history in the curriculum
10. Recommended children’s books with multiracial characters

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